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Thank you for supporting the children of Iris House Children’s Hospice

Iris House is a haven of care and support for over 680 children, each possessing their own unique fingerprint of life. We embraces more than 70 different syndromes, weaving a tapestry of diversity that paints the true essence of humanity.

Much like the myriad patterns etched upon each individual’s fingertip, the stories, struggles, and victories of these children form an intricate mosaic of experiences. Iris House understands that every child is a masterpiece, a distinct and precious creation with their own needs, dreams, and aspirations.
Amidst the challenges that life has bestowed upon them, these children find solace within the loving arms of our organisation. Here, they are not defined by their conditions, but rather celebrated for the remarkable individuals they are.
Each child, like a fingerprint, carries a story that is solely theirs, at Iris House we cherish and nurture those narratives, ensuring that every child’s journey is one filled with care, love, support, and an unwavering belief in their potential.

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